Donation destinations

During the giving process you will find different destination options for your donation

Where would you like your donation to go to?

During the giving process you can choose to where you would like your donation to go.

We explain the destinations briefly so you are informed better.

  1. General Fund: The general administration Fund for Steinreich Mennoniten Gemeinde
  2. Poor Relief Fund: Steinreich Mennoniten Gemeinde has a big heart for poor people around our area or all over Mexico. For years we have helped hundreds of Poor Families with all different kinds of needs from groceries, medical bills etc.
  3. Gym / School building project: In 2018 Steinreich Mennoniten Gemeinde together with Escuela Alvaro Obregon Campo 38 1/2 starting a expansion building project for a multipurpose building. The building will include a Gym for our Youth Ministries, Class Rooms, Offices and more.
  4. Let Steinreich Mennoniten Gemeinde decide: If you choose this option, we will be sure that your donation is administrated in the best way possible
  5. Steinreich Bibelschule Student Aid: Our Church currently has some students in Steinreich Bibelschule that need help paying their tuition, here's a good way to help!

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