Meet the leadership team at Steinreich Mennoniten Gemeinde

Meet our leadership

The church board of the Steinreich Mennoniten Gemeinde is the driving force of the church and is formed by the lead representatives of each of the various committees in the church. On this board sit the leaders of the youth, mini-youth, school, mission, deacons, pastors and more as seen below. This team meets once a month and together make decisions that affect the daily operations, short-term and long-term goals of the church. These decisions aren’t always the easiest and aren’t always made in unison; and yet the members of the board never fail to mention the harmony in which they work. This board truly practices the recommendation of Paul in Ephesians chapter 4. They are patient with one another. They make allowance for differences, while always remembering to stay united in the Spirit. This board is tasked with an important leadership role and it strives to lead by example, while supporting to the rest of the committees formed by the church. Got questions for them? Contact us by clicking here.

Cornelio Schmitt - Lead Pastor

Cornelio Schmitt Cornelio has served as the senior pastor for more than ten years, he also serves as the director of the Steinreich Bible School, yet his gift of counseling reaches far beyond these two ministries.

John Loewen - Assistant Pastor & Chairman of the Church Schoolboard

John Loewen John serves as assistant pastor and as the chairman of the church school. He is also the director of "Un Sueño Realizado", a mission outreach for disabled persons, in Cuauhtemoc.

Benny Friessen - Assistant Pastor

Benny Friessen Benny is our second assistant pastor. During the week he farms with his father.

Johan Froese - Deacon

John Froese John is a dedicated deacon and farmer.

Benny Wiebe - Deacon & Sunday School Director

Benny Wiebe Benny serves as deacon and as director of the church Sunday school program. By profession Benny is a Gonstead chiropractor.

Jacob Lozano - Deacon & Mission Director

Jacobo Lozano Jacobo Lozano and his wife are the third deacon couple. Jacobo is also Steinreich´s missions representative in the CMM conference and by trade a carpenter.

Benny Sawatzky - Chairman

Benny Sawatzky Benny Sawatzky´s love for the church is what made him the church chairman. He is a carpenter by trade.

George Loewen - Vice-Chairman

George Loewen George Loewen is the vice chairman of the board. He is also a freight dispatcher for a trucking company, with a love for growing unusual items in his garden

Sylvia Thiessen - Treasurer

Sylvia Thiessen Sylvia is the church treasurer. She also works as the church secretary, while helping run a scholarship programm for the local schools.

Gerardo Peters - Secretary

Gerardo Peters Gerardo Peters is the the board secretary. During the week Gerardo is an elementary school teacher and in his free time he volunteers as a paramedic.

Jorge Lozano - Maintenance Manager

Jorge Lozano Jorge Lozano maintains the church yard and building. His job is setting up alternative power systems.

Ricardo Banman - Youth Leader

Ricardo Banman Ricardo and his wife lead the church youth group. When they are not with the youth, they work on their business.

Cornelio Friessen - Mini-youth Leader

Cornelio Friessen Cornelio and his wife lead the junior youth ministry. Furthermore Cornelio provides for his family by farming.

Arturo Friessen - Worship Leader & Media Director

Arturo Friessen Arturo serves as our worship leader and media director. When he is not planning the service he spends his time directing the choir at Steinreich Bibleschool or working as director in the church´s school.

Peter Loewen - Food Committee Leader

Peter Loewen Peter and his wife are the leaders of the Food Committee. Peter is also a used car salesman, while volunteering as a paramedic.