Activities for youth ages 15+


Have you ever imagined your church without your youth?

Have you ever imagined your youth without the activities of the church?

At Steinreich Mennoniten Gemeinde we are incredibly thankful for the future of our church, the youth. They are indispensable to the life and the growth of the church and the communities around them. We are also thankful for the youth leaders who take charge of offering a healthy space for them to develop and become part of the church. The youth and their leaders get together once a week for recreational activities and Bible study. On top of that they that they come together one Sunday per month to share a meal and bond. These activities usually host around 35 youth. 85% of our youth serve in a variety of official church positions and all of them serve the church by participating in fundraisers, event preparation, mission work and youth services.

In short, we cannot imagine our church without our youth or our youth without the part they play in church.